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About Us


Super Pici is a club for Cluj-Napoca children.


In a quiet, green area of the city (Engels Park in Andrei Mureşanu district), Super Pici offers your child 185 sqm of safety, serenity and joy.


Our club has many diverse features, from specific didactic material to certified high-quality toys. Furthermore, to ensure your peace of mind, the club is equipped with video surveillance cameras that you can see over the internet.


Why us? Because we love children and want to make a difference, to offer both the children and their parents moments of peace and joy.


Our personnel consist of enthusiastic, considerate young people, trained and assisted by our psychologist that has also helped in selecting them.


- to create a pleasant and attractive environment, where the child-personnel relationship is open to cooperation and friendship
- to help the children develop the capacity for proper expression and effective communication in various situations


Values for children to learn:
 - freedom of expression

 - initiative

 - academic curiosity

 - respect for principles