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Online video surveillance


Dear parents, in order to view your child while he/she is in our care, all you have to do is to follow this link and provide the username and password you received from us.


Instructions for gaining access to the video surveillance system


In order to have access to the video surveillance systems, please use only Internet Explorer.


1. If this is your first attempt, the system will ask you to install an Add-on. Please click the browser message (the one that appeared at the top of the window) and choose "Run Add-on”, as shown in the image below.



The next pop-up message will ask your permission to run the newly-installed add-on. Click Run.



Afterwards you can use the provided username and password to access the video surveillance system.


2. If the system is not displaying the above-mentioned message (the one shown in the first screen), please make the following setting changes: go to your Internet Explorer browser top menu and choose Tools -> Internet options -> Security -> Custom Level, select the options shown in the images below, then click OK.




Afterwards restart Internet Explorer, access the video surveillance link and install the Add-on as shown in paragraph 1.